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The Portion of March 16, 2012

A Daily Portion

Originally written on March 16, 2012

Here I am again, writing once more... I have so much to say, I don't know where to begin. :)

I was thinking about my life and the changes that I am living in my lifestyle, and it's all for God's Glory! Physical changes, emotional, mental and above all, spiritual changes. We are entering into a new level, a deeper level of learning more about the Kingdom of God and how to bring it here to earth so that it not only is a blessing to my family, but to all those who surround us. And, as I mediated today on certain Scriptures in the Bible and I thought about my own journey, the one I am still on today, something came to mind and I want to share it. I hope this encourages someone, because I have learned that when someone shares their experiences with others, there are many times that the simple fact of sharing brings a revelation to the life of someone God puts in the path and those shared words fall fresh like fresh water in the moment it is needed most. 

About two weeks ago, we were listening to a Pastor talk about the Kingdom of God; it was a workshop we attended, a powerful workshop and there were many pearls of wisdom we received; but in the midst of all that wisdom being imparted, something I wrote down and want to share with you is a phrase that Pastor said, while he spoke about the attacks the devil brings to our lives, and that those attacks are specifically sent so that we, as Kingdom Ambassadors, will never fully or completely be able to fulfill our call or mission here on earth; which is to bring freedom to the oppressed and bring healing to the sick and proclaim God's year of goodness to all. Basically, how will be able to share the Good News to the afflicted, if we ourselves are always being attacked with sickness, lack, depression, unbelief, and double-mindedness... and there's so much more we can add to this list.  The Pastor continued saying this phrase: God has delivered us to that conflict (with the devil) so that we can conquer and posses and have dominion over the territory that He wants us to occupy in the Kingdom. Yes, you read it correctly. We ask for deliverance from bondage, deliverance from confusion, oppression and when God comes and delivers us, immediately we enter into conflict with the enemy, because He does not want us to enter into that territory of conquest and dominion! So, when we are going through those difficult moments in conflict, that is where we ask ourselves, but God, why is this coming now? If I have been doing all that You have asked me to, and I am proclaiming my deliverance and freedom, why are these conflicts arising now? What we are not realizing is that God had delivered us into these conflicts so that we can attain possession of that specific territory that He wants to give us for His glory in His Kingdom!

I am going through various conflicts in my personal life, and I have been able to understand that the point of it all is that my Father wants to give me full dominion over these areas within the Kingdom. We are fighting to conquer new territories, since we have asked Him to enlarge our territory and at times we think that by asking it will just come, just like that. A conquest does not happen without a battle over territory. The lies of the pig-dog is to make you think that you are losing it all by being in conflict, but what you need to remember is that it is not possible to lose it all when you are part of the Kingdom, because it is all yours already! You have it all already! He has given it to you! Then, it is in the midst of the conflict, when you are battling to conquer and possess your territory, that you can't think that you're losing it all, you need to think and remember that God want's to deliver and give you that territory, to have it under your dominion, so taht you can manifest it in His Kingdom!

There are so many people who have talked about "paying the price" and that the "price" means certain things to them... "I am paying the price for serving the Lord"... For me, as I meditate on this, and as I receive God's revelation, I can realize that "the price" we have paid (and I am talking about my own personal experience with my family, this does not mean that I am generalizing, I am just sharing my experience) is not the "sacrifice" of what we have layed down, given or surrendered for Him. The price we have paid, is the conflict that we have entered into and we have entered into it knowing what it would cost, but we entered into it in order to conquer the territories that He said would be ours! The price that we are paying, or the sacrifice we are living is the conflict! And, as we understand it this way, as we understand that going through this conflict will bring me into a new level of dominion within the Kingdom, it gives me strength to keep fighting and endure this conflict, and it gives me the desire to continue to stomp the pig-dog's head and bring the Kingdom here, now and see His Power and Glory manifested! 

Think about the conflict you have entered into, and then think about the territory you will conquer once you come out of the conflict, ready to have dominion over that area for God, and for those surrounding you, those that you will bless when you come to possess that territory! Personally, I know that part of our territory will be to help change minds and thoughts from slaves and bondage into conquerors, with our own testimony within the Kingdom... and since I have that vision very clear, I know that the present conflict will only last for a short time and then I will have the conquest! And I will be able to shout for the victory because it's coming soon! Hallelujah!

"The Lord God is my Strength, my personal bravery, and my invincible army; He makes my feet like hinds’ feet and will make me to walk [not to stand still in terror, but to walk] and make [spiritual] progress upon my high places [of trouble, suffering, or responsibility]!" -Habakkuk 3:19
Declare this Word over your conflict and fly to those high places with your Savior and see how you become a conqueror!  

It is my prayer that this reflection be a part of your daily portion.

Love & Blessings,

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