Thursday, May 10, 2012

Portion of Example

A Daily Portion

The time of the year when we honor and celebrate Mothers has come once again. And, as I sat this morning and thought about the women who have impacted me, I received a message from a former student of mine, who will be a Mommy for the second time!  She was thanking me for having impacted her life! And so, I began to think about our call within the kingdom, as women, mothers, wives, sisters, daughters, and just about any other role we can have! It brought me to this quote from Maria Woodworth Etter:

"My dear sister in Christ, as you hear these words may the Spirit of Christ come upon you, and make you willing to do the work of the Lord has assigned you. It is high time for women to let their light shine; to bring out their talents that have been hidden away rusting; and use them for the glory of God, and do with their might what their hands find to do, trusting God for strength, Who has said "I will never leave you". Let us not plead weakness; God will use the weak things of the world to confound the wise. We are sons and daughters of the Most High God. Should we not honour our high calling and do all we can to save those who sit in the valley and shadow of death? Did He not send Moses, Aaron - Miriam to be your leaders?The Lord raised up men, women and children of His own choosing. Is it less becoming for women to labour in Christ's kingdom and vineyard now as it was then?"  -Maria Woodworth Etter

I believe we have a great call and ministry in our lives, as Mothers. We were created to let our light shine, bring forth the hidden talents we have and use them for His glory, in His Kingdom, to therefore bring forth the talents in so many others that we can daily impact!  I am so grateful to God for all the people He has put in my path at one time or another, for the words He gave me to give to them at a certain time in their lives, whether they received it or not at the time, I know He used me for His glory. And, as I think of my former students and former people under my leadership at a given time, as well as friends, God brings my thoughts back to focus on my family. 

Am I using my talents for His glory with my family? Can my daughters see their strengths or weaknesses through me? Is my light shining in my home with my girls and my husband?  As women and mothers, may we never forget that as daughters of the Most High, our family is our priority and my constant prayer is that I can always speak to my family with wisdom, offer words of love, encouragement and edification during times of needs, but most importantly, may I always lead by example. Woman you are the crowned jewel of your Daddy's creation! You have a big responsibility, an even bigger calling, but an even bigger Creator who is with you, who has promised never to leave you! As we celebrate this Mother's Day, let me just remind you how special you are to so many who love you! Let me remind you there are many who look up to you and who see themselves in you! As Maria Woodworth Etter said, let your light shine for the glory of God and allow Him to fulfill  His purpose in your calling!! I am right there with you, let's let Him use us today and be a blessing to someone!

"It takes wisdom to have a good family, and it takes understanding to make it strong.  It takes knowledge to fill a home with rare and beautiful treasures. "  -Proverbs 24:3-4

It is my prayer that this reflection be a part of your daily portion.

Love & Blessings,

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