Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Portion of Hope

A Daily Portion

Originally written on March 21, 2012

For I know the thoughts and plans that I have for you, says the Lord, thoughts and plans for welfare and peace and not for evil, to give you hope in your final outcome. -Jeremiah 29:11 [AMP]

As I prayed and talked with my Father this morning, I was declaring some Scriptures over my life, my family and my businesses; and as I started to pray in the spirit, my Father reminded me of this specific Scripture and I began to declare it. Suddenly, I felt His Presence ever so close to me and I knew He wanted to tell me something. I started crying and repeating this verse over and over and as I understood that He was visiting me then and there, I knew He wanted to be with me to let me know, to reassure me that what I was declaring (that He knew the plans He has for me, and that they are plans for good and not evil) is a truth that NEVER changes, that it's a promise He has given and He fulfills it.

But, what He then showed me, as tears ran down my face and as I groaned in my spirit, is something that I will never forget and that I immediately knew I must share. He showed me a sadness, burden, heaviness because not many people understand this Word and Promise as He had revealed it to me at that moment. As I wept, he was showing me such a loving side to Him, a real, and true and pure Love, a Love that does not hurt, nor wound, nor destroys; and He showed me that there are people, that even though they love Him, they have not yet been able to understand that type of Love that our Father has for us. They have not yet understood that that Scripture has such great meaning. They cannot understand it, because in their lives, in their minds, they have so much hurt and so much confusion that they believe that the circumstances and situations they have gone through, are a result of a God that has hurt them. As I saw at what He was showing me, I could hear Him say that if we all would be able to fathom His Love and His Plans for good for us, and if we could be able to trust that His plans are the best ones for our lives, our days would be easy days, happy days, joyous days and blessed days... If we could understand that this Scripture is a key to His love for us; not only be able to read it and believe it but also understand it, see it, make it a reality, make it our own, we would come before His Presence acknowledging all the times we have been wrong to blame Him for what has happened to us. We would come to Him and ask Him to forgive us for thinking He has hurt us. We would just simply allow Him to heal all our wounds, allow Him to hug us and show us that
He truly HAS plans for us, plans that will completely transform us! 

What happens is that the devil comes to play with our thoughts, he comes to destroy and lie to us. Sadly, the majority of the time we tend to think that God was the one that hurt us. It's happened to me; I have thought at one time that all our financial problems we were facing were due to the fact that God did not want to bless us! Can you see how confused my mind was? If my Father tells me in His Word that He knows the plans He has for me, plans for good and not evil, plans for a prosperous future, then how can I think that even though He said that, He wants to do the opposite in my life? I think we all know where that lie came from...

As I talked with Him and He showed me all of this, I knew that this revelation had to be shared because I know there are many people that are going through so many different situations and today, God wants to tell you that His plans for you are for good and not evil; they are plans for a better and prosperous future. Don't let the enemy come to lie to you and confuse you, or take away your vision of a prosperous and better future, full of hope, favor and blessing. The devil has taken on the duty of distracting us from looking to God and has given us fake "lenses", in which we can't see God in His true form, we can't know Him and who He truly is. Today, I just want to share with you the experience I had with my Father this morning and I want you to know it was real; His presence poured into the room and He only came to tell me that He loves me, that He wants to bless me and for me to continue trusting completely in His plans for my life. And, now, I say to you, let His Presence flood your heart and trust in His plans and purpose for your life, because they are all for good and to bless you. He has promised it, His love is so grand, let Him embrace you today and let Him whisper to your ear.

It is my prayer that this reflection be a part of your daily portion.

Love & Blessings,

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